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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My 180 Pound Weight Loss Before, During, & After Pictures !

As some of you know, I have lost 180 pounds since November, 2008. I have had TONS of requests for some before & After pics. Well, there they are in this video. I hope that this inspires you that ANYTHING is possible, and that no matter what, you ARE beautiful!

How I did it:

November, 2008.... was a month of all months for me. For those of you who followed me all the way through, know that I have a condition called "Panic Disorder". Its very severe, in my case. I had some things happen in my surroundings that made me have a nervous breakdown. I was overwhelmed. My panic disorder was so bad prior to Nov, 2008.. I stayed in my house as much as I could without leaving. I even had a job where I LIVED on property.. some people would call this Agoraphobia. Well, I got to a point where eating was my only comfort in life, and so on.... I got big, K? Long story short.

I got really BIG... @ 325 pounds to be exact! And on me, being 5'10'' I carried it better than most, but it was STILL alot of poundage to be hauling around. I was in my TWENTIES, and had never been under a size 16. Heck, I maxed out at size 26!! Now, as I write this (age 29), I am in a size 7-9 JUNIORS!! I still have ONE more year of what was supposed to be the best years of my life, to try and enjoy :)

Back to how I lost it... when I saw the doctor after the nervous breakdown, I learned that I was at heart attack level cholestoral levels, and my blood pressure was VERY high. I almost went into cardiac arrest at the age of 27 :( NOT COOL! That woke me up. I had to get some of this weight off! I wasnt gonna DIE at 27. NO WAY, NOT ME!!! So, he put me on a blood pressure medication with a diuretic in it (makes you pee ALOT, and lose water weight). Well, come to find out, ALOT of my weight was water.... I dropped 8 pounds that first week! YAY, I thought.. FINALLY.. after years of "fad diet" FAILS, I am FINALLY losing actual pounds! On top of that, he reccomended Xenical (made of Orlistat). Its a weight loss prescription that works in your colon by removing 1/3 of the fat out of the food you eat, and expels it in your waste. Well, I was all about trying it, but it was a $500 script. I couldn't afford it :( Then I found out that ALLI had come out with an FDA approved OTC version of XENICAL!! Same main ingredient (Orlistat), just in 1/2 a dose. I asked my doc, and he said "go for it. I did it! I bought a bottle for @ $50.00 and took the pills before each meal containing fat. THERE ARE NASTY SIDE EFFECTS, so if you only have 5 to 10 pounds to lose, I WOULD NOT USE IT!! The side effects are in your colon if you know what I mean hee hee hee.. it doesnt mess with your heart, or make you jittery. So, after about 3 months on Alli, I had lost 20 pounds... so, in total after 3 months, I lost 30 pounds! 

YAY I was so happy! I also changed my eating routine. I STOPPED eating out. NO FAST FOOD.. no REGULAR SODAS OR JUICES! I drank diet drinks, water, and tea, and low calorie sports drinks. If I wanted a hamburger, I COOKED IT AT HOME. I had to LEARN how to cook. Every ingredient I used I tried to make it healthy. I will post a list of alternatives shortly! I also took NATURAL dietary supplements such as Acai Berry, pomegranate, green tea, etc. 

As far as working out, I didnt do much of that and I SHOULD HAVE! Now, I am faced with loose skin :/ Not pretty to look at, but it was a better alternative to dying at age 27. One day, if I ever have enough money I WILL try and get my skin removed, as it gets caught in zippers, and is quite annoying :( I did however MOVE alot more.. I would park further away from the store instead of the first spot open. I would walk up and down my steps. I cleaned my house a lot.. vacuuming and sweeping burns a lot of calories. I would take my dogs on walks, and do sit ups. I have a bad back, so going to the gym was a little hard. I did go a few times though. Basically, what helped the most was the FOOD and lifestyle changes!

Being on YouTube brought my confidence level through the roof, and if I CAN DO IT, You most certainly can! Through all my "FAT YEARS" , and people making fun of me... I always told them there was a skinny person inside of me, and thats who I felt like I was! And that one day the world would see!!!! I wasn't always fat!! I struggled with weight in high school, getting to a sz 14.. but by the time I graduated, I wore a sz 3 to prom... So, I wasnt always big. I started gaining at age 23. 

I know that was alot to read.... I sowwy...... but you asked! if you want more details, or want me to answer questions specific to your needs, just post them in the comments (here), and I will make a new post answering everyone's questions! I AM NOT A DOCTOR... and no, ALLI alone will NOT help you lose weight.. it takes a LIFESTYLE change. This is in NO WAY considered medical advice from me. The ONLY QUALIFIED PERSON to do that is your DOCTOR!!

Keep chasing your dreams, and eventually they will let you catch them......
Background music is "I'm Alive" by Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews


  1. I loved you as much then as I do now. You are still the same wonderful person as you were when I fell in love with you. You inspire so many women in this world to live for them and not the average everday jones in this world. This is one of the millions of reasons I love you. You were beautiful then as you are now. You look amazing. Just glad you did it for yourself and your health not for the jones in the world. I believe you have saved alot of young womens lives that watch your youtube channel. Keep doing what you do babe. I love you!!!! I have seen and been thourgh it all. You are an amazing woman and can do what you put your mind to. And you are passing this on to your subscribers. They love you for this that you keep it real and not fake. Your The best babe!!!!!!

  2. I started tearing up! Congrats<3<3<3
    I will B keeping updated on ur social networks...AMAZING!

    Ur So Beautiful!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have no idea what that means to me

  4. Wow Nessa, it crazy.. totally.. u don't look at all like the girl I met years ago. So proud of all of your hard work. U rocked it.

  5. I loved your story! I was wondering if you could help me on mine. I am following you on twitter. My user man is nodz5 PLZ HELP ME ASAP!! you're my role model!

  6. wowza Hot Mama! You are an amazing inspiration to us all. <3

  7. You guys made my day! i love you all!

  8. I just found you on you tube and saw your weightloss video which led me here. I am 27 and the last time I weighed the scales said 324.7 lbs. After reading this I am even more inspired to lose this weight and let the skinny girl out. I am also 5 10" and people said if I lost a lot of weight I would look sick but you look absolutely amazing!!! You were beautiful before but look much happier and confident now even in the pics. Thank you for sharing your story and for showing us fluffy girls that it can be done.

  9. Thank you sooo much for posting your story! I first saw your video while searching for success stories about folks who were using Alli... and there you were! what a bold move you took and look at your NOW~! You are such a great inspiration! Thank you is all I can say... I know it's not much but it means more that just those 2 words... Keep on doing what you are doing! YOU ARE MAKING a big difference!