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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BEAUTY ON A BUDGET - 5 ways to save money at CVS

5 ways to SAVE MONEY $$$ at CVS

Everyone wants to save money, right?!?!?!? Ok, so I have 5 ways to save at one of the most popular drugstores!! Here is how.....

MOST INPORTANT: make sure you get a CVS card! You have to ask for it. Its free, and thats how you get ALL the sale prices, and ECBs!! ALSO, browse the current store circular for deals! CLICK HERE to see it!

#1.Extra Care Bucks (ECB)
CVS is GREAT with their ECB's!! When you buy certain items (all found in the current store sales circular) you will get ECB's back! After you purchase the items that have EBC's, your receipt will print out with a coupon on the bottom of it with a dollar amount (ie $5.00 EXTRA CARE BUCKS). That money can be used on your next purchase, OR you can hold on to them and "roll' them (collect them). BUT BE AWARE, they do have exp dates!! So, make sure you use them before they expire :) And keep up with them. I have accidently thrown them away a few times :( Also, you have to use your CVS card at checkout, as they are LINKED!

#2 CVS Beauty Club
If you buy beauty products, this is a MUST HAVE! Its FREE, and all you have to do is pick up a flyer to join (in the beauty section) or ask a sales clerk. They will scan that flyer with your next beauty purchase. (along with your CVS card). You will receive a 10% off beauty pass when you enroll (prints off on your receipt). You also get $5 ECB when you spend $50 on beauty related items, and you get $3 ECB on your birthday! Go HERE for more info on this!

#3 Green Bag Tag
The green bag tag is like a luggage tag shaped like a leaf with a bar code on it. They are 99cents and are located next to the register. When you get the tag, show the clerk your CVS card when you check out. They will also scan the green bag tag. from then on, you must bring a reusable bag (with the green bag tag) attached to it every time you shop! When you check out, show them your bag, tag, and your CVS card. USE IT EVERY TIME YOU SHOP! You will get $1 ECB for every 4th transaction! Kind of forces you to "go green" and you get a lil money in return!
*DEAL ALERT- you may be able to get the tag for FREE!!! always scan your CVS card at the RED COUPON MACHINE (located next to the entrance of the store). You may get a free coupon for it!*

#4 Using Coupons
Coupons are a LIFESAVER! I cannot stress enough how helpful they really are! Best thing is, is that you can STACK a store coupon WITH a manufacturer coupon!
 EXAMPLE: lets say that Revlon is on sale, buy one, get one 1/2 off. You have TWO $2 off manufacturers coupons for Revlon. So, you can use BOTH of those at checkout, and save $4 off!!!! NOT BAD!!
Also, befriend some of these coupon Gurus on Facebook! They will update each time they find a good deal!
KrazyCouponLady.com is one of my favorites! But there are many more!
FACEBOOK---- "like" a manufacturer on FB, and sometimes you will be offered a coupon!

#5 Peelies & Freebies
If you have a good eye, you can scan over a section and see that SOME items have a little "peelie" a sticker coupon with a dollar amount on the product! You can save even MORE when you peel it off and use it when you check out! THEY ARE STACKABLE!!!! (you can use them WITH your coupons). Also, look for items that include BONUS FREEBIES. For example, you can find SOME mascaras that include a free eye shadow, or eye liner! They are the SAME PRICE as the mascara alone, but you are just lucky enough to get the free eye shadow!!

Beauties, these are JUST 5 ways to save! There are some more!!!! Keep your eyes open and your wits about you. Soon, you will be a PRO at getting things for CHEAP, and even FREE!! I hoped this helped you!


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