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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BEAUTY ON A BUDGET - 5 ways to save money at CVS

5 ways to SAVE MONEY $$$ at CVS

Everyone wants to save money, right?!?!?!? Ok, so I have 5 ways to save at one of the most popular drugstores!! Here is how.....

MOST INPORTANT: make sure you get a CVS card! You have to ask for it. Its free, and thats how you get ALL the sale prices, and ECBs!! ALSO, browse the current store circular for deals! CLICK HERE to see it!

#1.Extra Care Bucks (ECB)
CVS is GREAT with their ECB's!! When you buy certain items (all found in the current store sales circular) you will get ECB's back! After you purchase the items that have EBC's, your receipt will print out with a coupon on the bottom of it with a dollar amount (ie $5.00 EXTRA CARE BUCKS). That money can be used on your next purchase, OR you can hold on to them and "roll' them (collect them). BUT BE AWARE, they do have exp dates!! So, make sure you use them before they expire :) And keep up with them. I have accidently thrown them away a few times :( Also, you have to use your CVS card at checkout, as they are LINKED!

#2 CVS Beauty Club
If you buy beauty products, this is a MUST HAVE! Its FREE, and all you have to do is pick up a flyer to join (in the beauty section) or ask a sales clerk. They will scan that flyer with your next beauty purchase. (along with your CVS card). You will receive a 10% off beauty pass when you enroll (prints off on your receipt). You also get $5 ECB when you spend $50 on beauty related items, and you get $3 ECB on your birthday! Go HERE for more info on this!

#3 Green Bag Tag
The green bag tag is like a luggage tag shaped like a leaf with a bar code on it. They are 99cents and are located next to the register. When you get the tag, show the clerk your CVS card when you check out. They will also scan the green bag tag. from then on, you must bring a reusable bag (with the green bag tag) attached to it every time you shop! When you check out, show them your bag, tag, and your CVS card. USE IT EVERY TIME YOU SHOP! You will get $1 ECB for every 4th transaction! Kind of forces you to "go green" and you get a lil money in return!
*DEAL ALERT- you may be able to get the tag for FREE!!! always scan your CVS card at the RED COUPON MACHINE (located next to the entrance of the store). You may get a free coupon for it!*

#4 Using Coupons
Coupons are a LIFESAVER! I cannot stress enough how helpful they really are! Best thing is, is that you can STACK a store coupon WITH a manufacturer coupon!
 EXAMPLE: lets say that Revlon is on sale, buy one, get one 1/2 off. You have TWO $2 off manufacturers coupons for Revlon. So, you can use BOTH of those at checkout, and save $4 off!!!! NOT BAD!!
Also, befriend some of these coupon Gurus on Facebook! They will update each time they find a good deal!
KrazyCouponLady.com is one of my favorites! But there are many more!
FACEBOOK---- "like" a manufacturer on FB, and sometimes you will be offered a coupon!

#5 Peelies & Freebies
If you have a good eye, you can scan over a section and see that SOME items have a little "peelie" a sticker coupon with a dollar amount on the product! You can save even MORE when you peel it off and use it when you check out! THEY ARE STACKABLE!!!! (you can use them WITH your coupons). Also, look for items that include BONUS FREEBIES. For example, you can find SOME mascaras that include a free eye shadow, or eye liner! They are the SAME PRICE as the mascara alone, but you are just lucky enough to get the free eye shadow!!

Beauties, these are JUST 5 ways to save! There are some more!!!! Keep your eyes open and your wits about you. Soon, you will be a PRO at getting things for CHEAP, and even FREE!! I hoped this helped you!


Monday, May 30, 2011


Transaction #1

CVS Sale= buy $10, get $4 in ECB (excludes clearance items)

1- Grow Lucious mascara w/ BONUS FREE lilac eye shadow ($5 savings)
1- Custom Eyes waterproof mascara w/ $2 off coupon on product ($2 savings)
1- Custom Eyes eyeshadow palette in Sweet Innocence w/ $2 off coupon on product ($2 savings)


$27 (retail)
- $4 in peelie coupons (stickers on products)
- $8.00 ECB given at check out
$15.00 essentially paid
*however, I got the FREE eyeshadow, so I really essentially got $32 worth of Revlon (Retail Value)

Transaction #2

5 Gatorade / Vitamin waters @ $1 ea.
($2 ECB when you buy 5)

2 Travel size Degree Deodarant @ $1.30 ea
(I had 1 BOGO coupon, and one 75cents off 1 coupon) Sunday Paper 5/15/11

2 Packs of "5" Gum @ 1.50 ea
(I had 2 $1 off coupons) smartsource.com

4 packs of M&Ms @ 2/$1
($1 ECB when you buy 2), so I didnt get ANY ECB for the second set!


Gatorade/vitamin water = $5
Degree's= $2.70
Gum= $3
M&Ms= $2
$12.70 subtotal
- $2 in degree coupons
- $2 in Gum coupons
- $2 in Ritz coupons
$6.70 plus tax = @ $8.00
- $8.00 ECB (from Transaction #1)
Basically Free ( I think I paid 70 cents tax maybe)

PLUS, I got $3 ECB back from the drinks & the candy to use on my next transaction!

Transaction #3

2 Boxes of Ritz Crackers @ 2/$6
( I had 2 $1 off coupons)


Crackers= $6
-Coupons =$2
-ECB (from transaction 2)= $3
**** TOTAL RETAIL VALUE OF EVERYTHING (not including promotions, tax, coupons, or ECB) WAS $60.00 Total, OUT OF POCKET WAS @ $25.00!!!!!!!! *****
That's @ 60% SAVINGS!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Beauty Advice! 5 tips to stand by this Summer

Summertime is a GREAT season, that we ALL look forward to! Kids are out of school, pools are open, and there is something about the smell of hotdogs roasting on an open fire that just makes us feel so cozy inside~

Even though WE may love Summertime, our skin may not :/ Here are some tips to staying fresh and beautiful in the hot summer heat~

If you have any tips & tricks YOU would like to add, please comment with them in the comments section :)


Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Fruit Flavored Lip Balm, Skittles, 16-Count Party PackAny good chapstick, or lip balm should be in your beach bag at all times! Look for ones that sport a HIGH SPF. 

Believe it or not, our lips can BURN, and it hurts when they burn.. (been there) lol.... Also, your lips will look nice and shiny, and in some cases TASTE GOOD, if you happen to find Summer love XOXOXOXO ;)

Beauty Tip #2: Tinted Moisturizer with SPF!!!
Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 Ivory 1

Moisturize that face, ladies!!!! I cannot stress how important it is to protect your skin from HARMFUL UV RAYS!!!!! Any foundation, or moisturizer with SPF is a must have makeup item!!

I, personally am IN LOVE with Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. It provides just enough coverage, combined with a high enough SPF to keep your delicate face protected, but you can STILL get a little sun on your face. MOST tinted moisturizers are waterproof as well!

Beauty Tip #3: Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline The Falsies Volum'Express Waterproof Mascara - Very Black Maybelline The Falsies Volum'Express Waterproof Mascara - Very Black is an awesome find!!! Number one, it WON'T SLIDE OFF while your on the slip n slide, lol. Number 2, it volumizes your lashes like nobody's business!! 

And, number 3, its CHEAP! You can find it at most drugstores!

Beauty tip #5: ALWAYS, wash your hair after you swim!! BUT, slow down on the blow dryer during the summer!

Treat your locks with respect! They've been good to you!! Always, always, wash your hair after you swim. Chlorine causes awful damage, and even discoloration if you don't wash it out! (I had my hair turn green once... true story lol). 

Also, kind of back off of using the blow dryer every time you wash your hair. Your hair is getting ENOUGH heat from the sun, and combined with added heat from the blow dryer can cause unwanted split ends, and dryness. Besides, go sit out in the sun (wearing your SPF, of course), and let your hair dry naturally!!

QUICK TIP..... if you want beachy waves, when you get out of the shower towel dry your hair, and get most of the water out... put a little bit of hair gel in it, and brush your hair. THEN, flip your head upside down, and scrunch your hair with your fingers. Then, just let it dry naturally, or in the sun!!

These are just a FEW of the MANY Summer tips! I will add more later!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


YAY!!!! I have implemented a feature that enables you to be able to print standard coupons from my blog!! WOO HOO!!


Thursday, May 26, 2011


AXE Dry Antiperspirant Invisible Solid, Phoenix, 2.7-Ounce Sticks (Pack of 4)This is my FIRST attempt to "extreme coupon" lol.. I went to CVS last night and stocked up on some goodies that we needed. My goal, was to get out of there paying LESS than $40 out of pocket, and snag the $10 gas card (which would make it $30 out of pocket). Let's see how
I did 2 transactions, because I wanted my EXTRA CARE BUCKS to use towards the BIG, second transaction. You'll see why....


3 - Twin packs of AXE products!
CVS sale= buy 3 for $13, and GET $4 ECB (extra care bucks)
MY COUPONS= buy one, get one free (clipped out of Sunday paper) They took $9 off!!!!

4- Revlon Nail Polish
CVS Sale= buy one at $4.99, get $4.00 ECB (for each!! Limit 6)
My Coupons= None, but there's a $1 off coupon out there from last weeks ss if you can find it!

1- Listerine 1 liter mouth wash
CVS Sale= buy one for $3.98, get $1.00 ECB
My Coupons= $1.00 off ANY listerine ( Coupons.com

1- Purex Laundry detergent 
CVS Sale= $1.98 ea.
My Coupons= $1.00 OFF (http://www.freesamplepurex.com/freesample/) Fill out that form, and they will offer you a $1.00 coupon to print!!!!

1- Tridex Gum
CVS Sale= buy 1 for 99 cents, GET 99 cents ECB


AXE: $4.00
Revlon: @ $20.00
Listerine: $2.98
Trident: 99cents
$28.00 cash (handed to the clerk)
$6.00 Essentially spent!!! WOW!!!!!!

Now, I have $22.00 in ECB to use towards my second transaction!


CVS has a deal right now, where if you spend $30.00 (pre coupon) on a certain group of products, you get a $10.00 Exxon Mobile GAS CARD!!!! To see the participating items, Look at http://cvs.com at the weekly ad!

5- Two Liter Coke Products
CVS Sale= 99 cents each

5- gatorade's
CVS Sale= Buy 1, get 1 FREE ($2.00 each)

5- Sobe Life Water's
CVS Sale= Buy 1, get 1 FREE ($2.00 each)

2- Palmolive dish soaps
CVS Sale= 88 cents each!

2- Lysol 80ct wipes
CVS Sale= 2 for $10
MY Coupons= $1.00 off any 2 Lysol Wipes (Sunday Paper) you can also get one at coupons.com

2- 9oz bags of M&Ms
CVS Sale= 2 for $4
My Coupons= $1.60 off 2 bags of M&Ms

2- Bags of Sweedish Fish
CVS Sale= 2 for $5


Cokes:@ $5.00
Gatorade: $2.50
Sobe: $2.50
Palmolive: @ $2.00
Lysol: $9.00
M&Ms: @ $2.50
Sweedish Fish: $5.00
$22.00 (ECB From Transaction #1)
$6.00 Cash, out of pocket

THEN, They gave me a $10 GAS CARD!!!!

So, in the TOTAL shopping trip, I essentially spent @ $29 for EVERYTHING listed above!! @ $39 cash out of pocket (INCLUDING TAXES), BUT I got my $10 GAS CARD!!!!

TOTAL retail value of everything = $110.00 PLUS, $10.00 Gas - $120.00 retail value

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspirational Give - A - Way Details

My loyal subscribers, and friends,
I have created this give away because you all inspire me. You inspire me because we all keep each other going, and knowing that there are @ 3,000 loyal people who watch my videos amazes me. So, YOU are my inspiration! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and sticking around for 2 years! we have been through a lot!

Give A Way Specs:

All you have to do is simply comment to THIS VIDEO and tell me what inspires you the most! That's it!! What makes you, you..... who or what is your inspiration!


1. YOU MUST MUST MUST be a subscriber to my YouTube Channel, & You Must be following me on Twitter!

The winner will be picked randomly by random.org on JUNE 1, 2011!


The winner will receive the following:
- Mary Kay Jewelry Hanging organizer
- 3 Styli-Style eyeliners
- Cute Makeup Bag with lotion & Bath Gelle
- Mary Kay Oil Free eye makeup remover
Mary Kay Oil Free Eye makeup Remover 3.75 fl. oz. / 110 ml Jewelry Wardrobe OrganizerStyli-Style Eye-Line & Seal Soft Black 103


My 180 Pound Weight Loss Before, During, & After Pictures !

As some of you know, I have lost 180 pounds since November, 2008. I have had TONS of requests for some before & After pics. Well, there they are in this video. I hope that this inspires you that ANYTHING is possible, and that no matter what, you ARE beautiful!

How I did it:

November, 2008.... was a month of all months for me. For those of you who followed me all the way through, know that I have a condition called "Panic Disorder". Its very severe, in my case. I had some things happen in my surroundings that made me have a nervous breakdown. I was overwhelmed. My panic disorder was so bad prior to Nov, 2008.. I stayed in my house as much as I could without leaving. I even had a job where I LIVED on property.. some people would call this Agoraphobia. Well, I got to a point where eating was my only comfort in life, and so on.... I got big, K? Long story short.

I got really BIG... @ 325 pounds to be exact! And on me, being 5'10'' I carried it better than most, but it was STILL alot of poundage to be hauling around. I was in my TWENTIES, and had never been under a size 16. Heck, I maxed out at size 26!! Now, as I write this (age 29), I am in a size 7-9 JUNIORS!! I still have ONE more year of what was supposed to be the best years of my life, to try and enjoy :)

Back to how I lost it... when I saw the doctor after the nervous breakdown, I learned that I was at heart attack level cholestoral levels, and my blood pressure was VERY high. I almost went into cardiac arrest at the age of 27 :( NOT COOL! That woke me up. I had to get some of this weight off! I wasnt gonna DIE at 27. NO WAY, NOT ME!!! So, he put me on a blood pressure medication with a diuretic in it (makes you pee ALOT, and lose water weight). Well, come to find out, ALOT of my weight was water.... I dropped 8 pounds that first week! YAY, I thought.. FINALLY.. after years of "fad diet" FAILS, I am FINALLY losing actual pounds! On top of that, he reccomended Xenical (made of Orlistat). Its a weight loss prescription that works in your colon by removing 1/3 of the fat out of the food you eat, and expels it in your waste. Well, I was all about trying it, but it was a $500 script. I couldn't afford it :( Then I found out that ALLI had come out with an FDA approved OTC version of XENICAL!! Same main ingredient (Orlistat), just in 1/2 a dose. I asked my doc, and he said "go for it. I did it! I bought a bottle for @ $50.00 and took the pills before each meal containing fat. THERE ARE NASTY SIDE EFFECTS, so if you only have 5 to 10 pounds to lose, I WOULD NOT USE IT!! The side effects are in your colon if you know what I mean hee hee hee.. it doesnt mess with your heart, or make you jittery. So, after about 3 months on Alli, I had lost 20 pounds... so, in total after 3 months, I lost 30 pounds! 

YAY I was so happy! I also changed my eating routine. I STOPPED eating out. NO FAST FOOD.. no REGULAR SODAS OR JUICES! I drank diet drinks, water, and tea, and low calorie sports drinks. If I wanted a hamburger, I COOKED IT AT HOME. I had to LEARN how to cook. Every ingredient I used I tried to make it healthy. I will post a list of alternatives shortly! I also took NATURAL dietary supplements such as Acai Berry, pomegranate, green tea, etc. 

As far as working out, I didnt do much of that and I SHOULD HAVE! Now, I am faced with loose skin :/ Not pretty to look at, but it was a better alternative to dying at age 27. One day, if I ever have enough money I WILL try and get my skin removed, as it gets caught in zippers, and is quite annoying :( I did however MOVE alot more.. I would park further away from the store instead of the first spot open. I would walk up and down my steps. I cleaned my house a lot.. vacuuming and sweeping burns a lot of calories. I would take my dogs on walks, and do sit ups. I have a bad back, so going to the gym was a little hard. I did go a few times though. Basically, what helped the most was the FOOD and lifestyle changes!

Being on YouTube brought my confidence level through the roof, and if I CAN DO IT, You most certainly can! Through all my "FAT YEARS" , and people making fun of me... I always told them there was a skinny person inside of me, and thats who I felt like I was! And that one day the world would see!!!! I wasn't always fat!! I struggled with weight in high school, getting to a sz 14.. but by the time I graduated, I wore a sz 3 to prom... So, I wasnt always big. I started gaining at age 23. 

I know that was alot to read.... I sowwy...... but you asked! if you want more details, or want me to answer questions specific to your needs, just post them in the comments (here), and I will make a new post answering everyone's questions! I AM NOT A DOCTOR... and no, ALLI alone will NOT help you lose weight.. it takes a LIFESTYLE change. This is in NO WAY considered medical advice from me. The ONLY QUALIFIED PERSON to do that is your DOCTOR!!

Keep chasing your dreams, and eventually they will let you catch them......
Background music is "I'm Alive" by Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE for VBeautyOnline !!

You asked for it!!! And I answered!! VBeautyOnline finally has a facebook! CLICK HERE TO LIKE IT!!
YAY!!!! So, now there are so many ways to connect with me! Wahhoooo!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CVS Physicians Formula Sale & Coupon Joy Ride!

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-free Mineral Face Powder, Translucent, 0.3-Ounces
 Hi everyone!!! I was up so super late last night on a wild goose chase at CVS.... I have been trying out the whole "coupon" thing, which GLAMLIFEGURU has inspired me to do.. Anywho.. I printed out THIS COUPON that was a $5.00 off ANY physicians formula item. Well, CVS is having a sale of their own, where most of the PF products are $6.00 off, which is a great deal anyway. SO, I thought I would try and score me some freebies. I got the urge at about 11pm my time last night, and couldnt get my stupid printer to work, so I even went to Wal-Mart to buy a printer hee hee (who's a makeup addict?) lol. Well, got them printed out, and I had to find a CVS that was open 24 hrs, which it was 11 miles away lol. FINALLY got there, and had 4 things picked out. I was super excited!! Got to the check out counter and dude behind the counter said he couldnt take my coupons :( I was sooooooooooooo upset!! My boyfriend was pretty ticked too! Because I dragged him with me on this adventure lol (sorry babe!). The cashier even showed me a copy of my coupon that said DO NOT ACCEPT on it :(. Which is kinda CRAP, because its a manufacturers coupon!!!! Its legit! So, I will try ANOTHER one this evening, and I think I may return the 2 things I got last night. Not sure yet. I was really mad! If they deny me, and my coupons again today I think Imma call CVS and have a lil chat with them..... because, I see so many people commenting that they were able to use these coupons!!!!! So, basically, has anyone tried these? And whats your experience with them?? CLICK HERE FOR THE COUPON!!


Sunday, May 15, 2011


My local CVS Drugstore & Pharmacy was having a 90% off sale! Heres what I got

5 - Glitter Lid Liner in SKY
3 - Flat Eye Liner pencils in MADRID
9 - Line & Seal Eye Liner Pencils in TANZANITE
10 - Line & Seal Eye Liner Pencils in BLUESTONE
3 - Line & Seal Eye Liner Pencils in BRONZE
2 - Line & Seal Eye Liner Pencils in OLIVE
5 - Line & Seal Eye Liner Pencils in PLUM
1 - Line & Seal Eye Liner Pencils in MILK CHOCOLATE
38 eye liners for $4.00 WOW!!!

Short French nails $4.00
Nail Glue $1.00

3 headbands @ 40 cents each!
3 hair clips 40 cents!

Nail strengthener cream 97 cents!

Suntan Lotion SPF 8... 79cents!!!

To watch the video, CLICK HERE!!!!

Lets see who is PAYING ATTENTION :) The first 10 people to comment on this blog post will get a free eyeliner & goodie bag!!!! MUST ALSO BE A SUBSCRIBER ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MUST BE FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER! Just simply comment, and make sure to post your YouTube user name as well as your Twitter name! I will message you if you are eligible to win!

Friday, May 13, 2011

That Shopping bug is biting me in the boooty!!!

I WANNA SHOP!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I have Spending FEVER! Well, of course you know I like to buy on a budget hee hee.... so, where should I go tomorrow?? Dollar tree?? MAC Outlet? Hmmm.. I guess we will just see where Saturday takes me :) Lemme know if yall find any good deals! I was thinking about making a stop at ULTA! I need some new brushes, and every ULTA seems to be close to a Michaels Craft store. I cannot wait to update my makeup & storage collection.... and I wanna get some brush holders and ribbons and stuffs. My colors are blue and brown. Any ideas tips??

My To Do list!

hey there my lovelies!!!

I have been coming up with a TO-DO list for Vbeautyonline, and I would like for you guys to give my ANY input you may have on requests and what not so I can address them :)

Here is what I have so far....

1. Makeup Storage & Collection Video <-- WOO HOO!!!!
2. Subscriber contest for May
3. A possible give-away for May or June????? I dunno....
4. Tutorials (bronzing, natural look, smokey eye)
5. Make a FaceBook for Vbeautyonline!

Lemme know what ya think!

Lovers you,


Hey everyone!! I have missed you all soo soo much! I am back, and ready to get this party started! If you havent done so already, please follow me on twitter, & subscribe to my YouTube Channel! I have alot to catch up with you guys on, and many videos to make!! Oh, I am also a Mary Kay rep again, so if you want a free sample, or to shop with me, please visit my website!......

Lovers you all,